LPC Launches Equity Framework

The Stonewall Inn, designated in 2015
Mount Morris Park Historic District Extension, designated in 2015; Bayard Rustin in front of the National headquarters of the March on Washington in the Central Harlem West 130th-132nd Streets Historic District; and James Baldwin.
Top from left to right: Sunset Park North Historic District and Sunset Park South Historic District. Bottom from left to right: Manida Street Historic District and East 25th Street Historic District.
Manida Street, 1923, Bronx Historical Society and Tin Pan Alley, 1937, New York Public Library
Central Harlem West 130th-132nd Street Historic District, designated in 2018
Images from New York City and the Path to Freedom story map
From left to right, Conference House Park Archaeological Site, Holyrood Episcopal Church-Iglesia Santa Cruz, and The Educational Building, 70 Fifth Avenue, calendared on January 19, 2021.




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